Benefits of Attic Insulation

Whether it's a newly built home or an old home under remodeling there are major reasons you should consider having your attic insulated.  Insulating attic reduces the transfer of heat between the attic and the living quarters of your house.  Here is why you should have your attic insulated.  Lowered utility bills result from attic insulation. Heating and cooling account for a very high percentage of energy used in most homes.  An under insulated house or one that lacks insulation will have warm air rising from the house and being radiated or conducted to the attic through the ceiling during winter.  The consequence of this is your furnace running for longer to compensate for the lost heat thereby increasing your heating cost. During summer on the other hand, your overheated attic will radiate heat to the room below making you're A/C run longer on cycles.  Saving your money can be done by insulating your attic and thereby reducing your energy consumption. Click here for more info.

 A safer home structure is a result of an air tight attic.  An insulated attic will reduce seeping through of water vapor which erodes your walls and in turns flakes paints on your wall. Insulating your attic will prevent heat buildup which may cause the shingles on your roof to swell and finally crack.  Mold thrive in cool areas that are provided when insulation lacks.  Gradual damage of your home is prevented with an insulated attic.  Better comfort results from insulation of your home.   Modern heating and cooling systems don't prevent temperature fluctuations is under insulated homes. Temperature of the house changes too rapidly when the temperatures outside changes.  Temperature difference between floors of your house will occur due to lack of insulation.  With an insulated attic you can sleep better. Read more info here.

 Harmful airborne materials can enter your house through air leaks. This tend to accumulate in your attic.  Air with airborne materials from your ceiling that may be toxic is spread throughout your house if your attic is not insulated.  An insulated attic results in you maintaining clean indoor air. With an insulated attic your attic can become more than just storage space.  You can have an extra room by insulating your attic.

 You can be more eco-friendly with an insulated attic. As a homeowner you should be concerned with your carbon footprint and how you can minimize it. You can reduce your energy consumption by installing an attic and play your part in creating a sustainable environment.  Put in mind all these advantages of attic insulation and finally  have your attic insulated.

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